Medical Updates

Since my original post about my weird medical issue, I have some updates to share.

Medical Updates
Photo by Robina Weermeijer / Unsplash

Since my original post about my weird medical issue, I have some updates to share.

  • A neurologist says the "episodes" I'd been having 1-2 times per day were brain seizures. I suspect my more medically-knowledgeable readers had already figured that out.
  • I've now been on an anti-seizure medicine (Keppra) and a brain health supplement (Neuroaid II MLC 901) for 2.5 days. Very happy to report I've had no seizures since starting the meds. I'm also sleeping incredibly well and wake up feeling deeply refreshed. So, I'm a big fan of the meds.
  • The seizures were likely caused by the lesion affecting my left hippocampus and my inferior temporal lobe. If we can make the lesion go away, then the seizures will likely stop without the meds.
  • The cause of the lesion remains unknown. Such lesions are generally caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, or Long COVID. I don't have any of those. To my knowledge, I've never had COVID at all.
  • I went in for an electroencephalogram (EEG) on Friday afternoon. I will meet with the neurologist on Wednesday to review the results and discuss any next steps.
  • In two weeks, I will have a Transcranial Doppler ultrasound scan. The neurologist wants to give the meds some time to stop the seizures and see how that affects the lesion.
  • I head to the United States in three weeks for the holidays. So, I will start digging into all of this there if I haven't been able to find a solution in Jakarta.

I want to thank my amazing wife, my incredible family, and my awesome friends for being so supportive of me during this period. Your check-ins and kind words have meant the world to me. I'm lucky to have you all.

I will share more updates here as I have them. It will likely be at least Wednesday before I have more news.